Water Planets by Arturo Telle

The Exhibition

After the success of the first series of "Water Planets", presented first in october 2012 with mainly abstract pictures without life, I am proud to show now the second series subtitled "Life", with easy to identify living subjects on each of these 12 "planets"!

I will announce son the places and dates of the exhibition!

The Concept

With the series “Water Planets” the author has created a new concept in underwater photography, showing the underwater world in an abstract way, as a symbol for the source of all life on our Planet, the Water.

The use of a fisheye lens, even a circular fisheye with a viewing angle of 180 all round, is nothing new. Many photographers have used it to show the widest possible view, something very important in underwater “landscape” photography, because the liquid environment itself doesn’t allow to take pictures at longer distances as a few meters.

So, what makes this series of pictures so special? What is new or different about the concept behind these “Water Planets”?

The  idea  of  this  concept  went  up  over  a  year  ago, while the author was diving at a place in the south of Tenerife with a very special moon-like underwater landscape. The challenge was to make look that landscape as a real “moon”, going much further than taking a nice picture of it. After that first “planet”, in the mind of the author arose many more ideas of different “planets”, and along one year he has been searching for the proper places to create these pictures. It showed not to be easy, because the concept is to make the objects look like a sphere, a “planet”, and not simply to take pictures as if one is looking at a landscape through a round window. Above this, even it may sound strange in our era of digital processing and production of images all these are real photographs, just as they came out of the camera.

You will recognize different “planets” and “moons” among these pictures, and find others completely open to your imagination! There are many more “planets” waiting to be discovered under the sea… come and join us in this adventure!

The second series represents a natural evolution of things, adding living subjects to the abstract, dead "planets".

The Work

The 12 pictures of the actual series of “WATER PLANETS, by Arturo Telle”, as well as some of the 16 photographs from the first series, are available as strongly “Limited Edition” of highest quality "fine-art" prints in following sizes:

- 60x75 cm, limited to 12 prints, price 300,- € each print
- 80x100 cm, limited to 6 prints, price 500,- € each print
- 120x150 cm, limited to 2 prints, price 3000,- € each print (The price can vary depending on the finish and delivery place)


Each print is supplied numbered and hand-signed by the author and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the author.

materials used for the production of the prints have lifetime warranty!


There is available a luxury calendar for 2015 from this series "Water Planets - life" in DIN A3 vertical size, with 14 pages of high quality paper. The price is only 19,95 €!

Enquiries and Orders

Send your enquiries and/or orders via email to: arturotelle@hotmail.com

Or contact the author through facebook, searching "Arturo Telle Thiemann"